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Using My Alter Ego to Write

Over the last few months I have been tasked with writing health and fitness articles. This is a new frontier for me. I found the work to be difficult and, at times, agonizing.  (I’m not dramatic or anything.)

Last week I was at my breaking point. I wanted to throw in the towel. I thought this work is not worth my happiness. But as I was complaining to my ever-patient husband, he offered me a neat little idea. He told me to pretend I was someone else while I was writing the health articles.

And so it is my pleasure to introduce you to Daphne Dilbert, Diet Diva.  Daphne is married to Darren Dilbert, Drama Director. She loves puns and alliterations. She is a total yoga-nut, and she eats her probiotics every day. Yogurt is her favorite snack. She loves reading scientific journals to learn new things about the human body. 

She is really quite annoying.

But you know what else she is? A great health writer.

Channeling Daphne has renewed my excitement and energy for my writing. I actually enjoy reading the health journals and writing about HIIT workouts and the benefits of cannabis oil. I am already using my alter-ego less and less. She renewed my positive attitude.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself hating your work and still needing to pay your bills, create a new character. You can be whoever you want to be while you write about motorcycles, or cats, or nostalgic music trends. 

In the end, it’s all you, baby.

P.S. Daphne really loves helping others gain confidence and build healthy habits.



    1. Chandi Gilbert Author

      Thanks, Megan! I forgot to mention that Daphne’s dogs are Dolly, Darlie, and Dewey.

      My dogs, however, are Molly, Charlie, and Louis. I really doubled down on this idea!

  1. HAHA I LOVE THIS. What a clever idea! I had to write for trucking companies once and always envisioned myself as some burly bearded man giving out advice on CDL licenses (trucking licenses), it helped. I like coming up with the whole persona though!


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