Being Authentic

Break All the Rules


I am so tired of seeing self-described helpful websites and blog posts that put me inside a box. It makes me sad to see people trying to conform to the ideals of others because they think that is the only path to success. I see it all the time.


Don’t use the word sincerely.

Never say sorry.

Be bold or stay invisible.

Don’t send a thank you note until the third Monday of a waning moon.


Fuck ALL of that.


My authenticity is more important than anyone’s rules. (So is yours.)

I use the word sincerely because I am SINCERE. (And maybe you like ending every email with “Cheers.” Live your life.)

I say sorry when I am apologetic. (Just be a damn human.)

Being me is being bold. Being yourself is being bold.

I’ll send a thank you note anytime I damn well please, and I’ll send other notes just because. (I. LOVE. STATIONERY. And I love saying thank you. And please. I like using my manners!)


Be yourself, and you will attract the people you are supposed to attract.


Let’s be real. Do you WANT to work with someone who places the importance of rules over genuine human interactions? I don’t.

Don’t fall into a rabbit hole of how-to guides and start second-guessing everything you’ve done, and worrying about all the things you have to change.

Don’t change. Hone your talent, improve your skills, but don’t change the wonderful, incredible, awesome things that make you who you are.

You’ll never have to remember tips or tricks if you rely on the truest version of you.



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