Coaching Services

I know what it’s like

to feel trapped in a job

that makes you miserable.

In 2016 I finally decided to leave my open-office hell and start my own freelance writing business.

But I was TERRIFIED. I am an introvert, to the extreme. I had so many questions but no answers. After years of putting in the time to cultivate a successful business, I am ready to share my expertise with you.

Within three months of starting my freelance business, I quit my 9-5 job and became a full-time writer making $8000 a month.

I know what it takes when desperation is eating away at your soul and all you want is to pursue your passion.

My knowledge in leadership, writing, and self-marketing is what will help set you apart from your competitors.

I am The Introvert Expert.

I want to help you navigate the scary world of freelance writing that is seemingly filled with extroverts.

Introverts have SUPERPOWERS. I am going to teach you how to capitalize on those powers through my no-bullshit, introvert-friendly coaching program.

What is “introvert-friendly”?

When I began my freelance writing career, I looked into hiring a coach. Every. Single. One. Required telephone or Skype sessions.

That freaked me out! Sometimes I am awkward on the phone or in front of a webcam.



My introvert-friendly coaching means that we play by YOUR rules. If you want to communicate via email, text, or instant messaging, that’s what we’ll do. If you want to Skype from a pitch-black room, we can do that too.



You’re steering the ship, I am just teaching you to sail.

Every program is tailored to YOUR needs. Everything is customizable.


This allows EVERYONE to get what they need. Just because you cannot afford $200 an hour for a coach does not mean that your goals aren’t valuable and attainable.


You have a voice that people are waiting to hear. It is original, and quirky, and funny, and probably a little weird (like mine).

I will never change those parts of you that make you YOU. Those are the special qualities that set you apart from everyone else, and I am going to help you harness those virtues and make them work for you.



I was broke as hell when I started out. I couldn’t afford a coach. I understand that talent needs cultivating before money starts coming in.

That’s why I’m here.

Do you want to know

  • How to perfect your pitch (and what the hell a pitch is)?
  • How to find your niche?
  • Where to find like-minded communities that make you feel less alone?
  • How to price your services?
  • How to network effectively as a shy introverted soul?
  • How to create and maintain your online presence?
  • How to leverage the connections you have already?
  • How to make new connections?
  • How to get your business off the ground in 30 days or less?


Then let’s do this thing! I am so excited to help you get started!


You’ll also get

  • General writing advice
  • A clear mission statement
  • Email templates for pitching
  • Advice and templates on saying “NO”
  • The confidence boost you need to leap into freelancing
  • Worksheets and templates that you get to keep FOREVER
  • And more!




No one should have to stay trapped in a job they hate. New freelancers, especially introverts, deserve to work with someone they connect with and someone they can trust.

I am going to help you define your strengths, conquer your fears, and get the courage you need to make an exciting leap into freelance writing!



Are you ready to start?



Your first session is FREE!


Yep, completely free. It’s vital that personalities match when pairing up with a coach or mentor. I want to make sure you are at ease with me before I charge you anything.


Here is what will happen in your first free session. You will fill out my Clarity Questionnaire. Once I learn a little bit about who you are, I will send you a list of actionable items that we will begin with, and my rates, packages, and schedule availability.


I only take on TWO clients at a time. I devote 100% of my time and energy to helping you achieve your goal. As my client, you are my top priority.


If you are ready for your free, no pressure consultation with me, fill out my Clarity Questionnaire here and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


(If you don’t have time right now to fill out my questionnaire, that’s fine too! Just send me an email at and we’ll get started!)